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ive been gaining waight. I want to loose it but i cant because i dont even exsersise because i really dnt have time :(

I wake up late then i babysite all day till like 5 then i do school work till 10 and to late to go out and run or something. So how can i loose waight?


Hey there, losing weight is tough and does require some time commitment. Losing weight requires a change in your diet and exercise. In terms of the diet, eliminate processed foods and junk food. a general guide is that if it comes in a box or a can its usually not worth eating. Avoid excessive simple carbohydrates like white bread. instead pick complex carbohydrates like those found in vegetables and whole grains. Its also important to realze that losing weight requires that you burn more calories in a day that you consume. This means that you need to exercise as well as limit your intake.

 If you send me a personal message with a little more information about your current diet and goals I can give you more specified advice. I hope to hear from you soon.