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Hello everyone

Does anybody here know to tell me something about 90/10 diet? I don’t have a problem with obesity but I do have some belly fat and I want to get rid of it. My coworker showed me some article about 90/10 diet and I liked it. At first the name itself looked mysterious to me but later I figured it is reasonable and unique.

Anyway, I am seriously thinking to start with this diet but I need a few more information.  For example, I don’t know anything about that 10 percent of “cheat” food. Please write me here if you know something about cheat meals in 90/10 diet.


Hey there

Well, this diet plan is pretty amazing. It is not restrictive at all but still it is very good for losing weight. I followed the program a year ago and it was very good. I couldn’t believe how easy to follow is this diet. That is because of the “cheat” meals.  I read a few words from the author of the diet, Joy Bauer, where he explains what exactly are cheat meals.

He says that the 10 percent rule allows for what she calls "soul-soothing" foods that aren't exactly healthful. The diet represents a realistic food strategy, and not so much of exact math.