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Good day everyone,

I am doing some research about core balance diet program. I have some seminary, and this is my, let’s call it exam :) I chose this diet program, because I was pretty convinced that I know a lot about it. But, it is not so true :)

First of all, and the most important in this exam is that I don’t know how did core balance diet got it’s name?

Do you know? I mean, any information will be helpful for me, as always, and you know it.

Whatever you know about  this issue, please let me know.Tnx a lot! 


Hey there,

As far as I know, there is no specific reason how this diet got its name. I mean, maybe there is in the book that you can buy anytime. Actually, it is on the basic level. It shows you how to self – diagnose one of six major biochemical imbalances, that may be preventing you from losing weight. Those are digestive, hormonal, adrenal, neurotransmitter, inflammatory and detoxification imbalances.

Once you are able to balance those six, you will be able to lose your weight.That is the main thing in this diet program.

Helpful? Because, I really hope that it is! 



Hello there,

Yes, that is definitely it. Once you learn to balance what you are eating, you will start to lose your weight. The same thing happens with core balance diet program. You should learn simple lifestyle changes and some smart nutrition choices, so they will change your body and they will help you lose your weight. Also, once you adopt a customized  two – week program you will see the results. That is the man principle of this, and that is why this one got its name, it is really simple.

You just should explain it a little bit better in your work lol :)