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How does a meditation actually help relieve everyday stress and is there some easy program I can start with. 

I am 33 yo and I do get stressed a lot so I am looking for any means to relieve some of it. I am thinking of starting mediating but I don't really know any meditation techniques. What are some easy to start meditation techniques that can help me get started but won't take much of my time. 

Of course, this is assuming that meditation will help me get rid of my stress?


Hi Rachel, meditation will help you relieve your stress but you have to be willing to practice daily for best benefit. There are lots of different types or relaxation and/or mediation techniques around. Mindfulness is a technique that helps people to be more aware of their surroundings but to lose the emotional attachment that we place on our thought processes, thus helping us to relax and not be so stressed about things. It is a good technique but can take a bit of time to master. You can get mindfulness meditations on cd's.

I personally like to use relaxation cd's with guided meditations. I find these easier to concentrate on and find my mind wanders less and the nice music helps me to relax. I have downloaded some of these on my ipod and even use it when I go to the dentist (I have a dental phobia). You may have to listen to a few before you buy or borrow some cd's from the library until you find ones that you like. Hope this helps.

You could also look around to see if there are any classes in your area. Most places that teach yoga also do meditations