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In June of this year, I became a father of a beautiful little girl. It's been a wonderful experience, and I love every minute with my daughter, but I have to admit that I miss being able to train as much as I did before.

My morning sessions are no more, so I tend to do thing during lunch at work, and evenings are my time with my family now. Training on weekends is hit-and-miss. My mileage fell from 25-30mpw to about 15.

Sure hope this doesn't look like I'm complaining....

Just curious to know how other new parents managed to incorporate a bit more training in their day without sacrificing time and responsibilities.


I know a good number of folks sacrifice the outdoor running and have a treadmill at home so they can watch the kids and still log some miles.

Another idea is to get involved in a local running club. There's likely a good number of parents, of which undoubtedly you could swap time watching kids while you get a run and then they get a run in.

One other idea is once the little one is old enough to sit and play on their own, plop them in the middle of an outdoor track and run laps while you keep an eye on them.

And yet another idea is get yourself a jogger-stroller. The market on these is huge and the models vary a lot in size, weight, handling. So try a few at a sporting store and if there's ever been a way to get an even better workout, it's gotta be pushing a stroller for a long run!


jrjo has some great advice...and you can look into all those things.

In the past 21 months, my wife and I have had two new additions to my family, and let me tell running was almost non-existent until this July.

I am just finally getting getting back into the groove of running 4/5 times a week, and the youngest is closing in on 8 months old. Morning runs are tough when you have a baby waking up.

My thoughts on the matter are this. I'll be able to run the rest of my life, my kids are tiny only once. No contest.

Send me a pm if you have any other questions or worries.