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I just forgot how to use Go Cal 1000 pills. So, my friend Julia is getting married in four months, and she was so nervous, so she was just eating – all the time.

Well, she gained almost 25 kilograms and now, there is a big problem. She is pretty funny in her dream weeding dress. She needs to lose her pounds, and we all do agree with it. At least she needs to lose 15 kilograms, it is ok to have 10 extra kilograms.

So, she bought Go Cal 1000 pills, and now I was wondering how those diet pills actually work and what is the proper dosage of it?

Please, let me know!


A few days ago, I was reading about those weight loss pills. Those diet pills are really strong formulation, that contains a lot of different ingredients that just make your pounds disappear. And, as far as I know, in a very, very short time :)

Now, I was reading some stories and I can say something on my own experience, but one lady was telling that she lost almost 8 pounds in one month. It is pretty impressive result. I don’t know do you follow some diet program or not, but I am pretty sure that you will be able to lose your pounds pretty, pretty fast. 

About dosage, take two pills daily, with water, of course, before breakfast! 

Good luck! 



It is for my friend, but thank you anyway! So, there is possibility that she can lose her pounds until her big and very important day? I am glad to hear this :) She will be happy, but I told her to follow some diet program as well. Now, I will try to help her as much as I can.

We will see what is going to happen. I just can’t tell her, but she is pretty much fat and I am sad for her, because I do know how depressed is she.

So, I hope that Go Cal 1000 can be a right choice as well.