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Hello there guys.

My friend called me today and she asked me can dogs have cycle like people. She told me that she saw that her Ariel was bleeding and she thinks that this is a cycle.

I explained her that her dog is in heat.

She started to ask me a lot of different questions and I don’t have answers for those questions.

She asked me how long does the bleeding phase last in dogs in heat.

Do you have a clue because I don’t but I want to help her?

What are your experiences about this issue?


Hey there Millie.

Your dog can come into the heat between six and 24 months. Small dogs comes into heat sooner than large breed dogs. Usually you can expect your dog to have two estrus cycles or heat a year, and each one lasts between 18 and 24 days.

Don’t worry, you will notice when she is in heat because she will show symptoms and she will start to have changes in her behavior.

This has four stages. First stage last approximately 10 days. The next stage can last between five and nine days.

Don’t be afraid when you see blood. It is normal.



Hello guys.

Well the average cycle for a female dog in heat happens every six months. It usually happens between January and March and between August and October.

So, you can expect your dog to get into heat very soon.

Yes, there are four stages of cycle and bleeding phase lasts different in every of those phases.

Proestrus is the first stage and dog will bleed between seven and 10 days.

Second stage is oestrus and it lasts five to nine days.

Diiestrus last between six to 10 weeks and the last phase lasts about 15 weeks.

It is very simple, you just need to be prepared for it.



Hello. I have to agree with Carla completely. Those are four phases that every dog in heat need to get through. All you need to do is to accept it and you need to behave like everything is normal. I understand that you are going to be nervous in this period of your dog’s life, but she will be nervous as well. You need to learn how to treat her in those four phases and you need to be patient totally. Those phases are very difficult for cat who is not spayed.  When she is out of heat you should think about spaying her.