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I weight 133.4 am 5' 5" and 16 years old! I hate my fat, ugly, my middle brother tells me i am fat and ugly and that i need to lose weight. So i set a goal weight of 60 pounds! What is the fast way to get my weight down to 60 pounds? Please tell i need to know plus the holidays are how to get out of the holiday festables that my family is having? I do not want to see them at all because they all act mean towards me especialy my brother the most but they all put me down anyways! Please help asap :-(


well for one thing 60lbs is way to little i would go down about to 100 lbs because if you go down that much you will get sick and i mean really sick



Dude you dont need to lose that much weight your gonna get sick you are not over weight, you should work out build your self up go to the gym at school or one in your town its not much, if you do you will look better i would not worried about your weight eat healthy foods no soda very little sugar and small meals! as far as ugly dress nicer cut your hail shave if you have facial hair, and around your family be mature mabey look for a job think about moving out on your own once your parents think that your preparing yourself for those thing alot will change the will see your growing up faster that your brothers will/did...but rember work out bench run eat rite you will feel and look better and btw bro the girls like buff guys just set your mind to it and as far as the holidays tell them your working our go for a run or something or try applying for a job in your spare time your 16 all you need is I.D. proof of were you live and soc. and you can get a job even if its small gotta start some were. hope this helped


First off i do not see myself as a boy i see myself as a girl so i don't like being called dude! How Would feel if i called you a chick? You wouldn't like it! I have gender disphoria! So do not call dude! I do live on my own my adopted mom has been dead since last year in september 29. I do have money coming in from ssa which i am on ssdi i haven't lived with my adopted mom since june of last year and that is an old pic of my friend anyways i do not look like that plus my hair is short right now and i do not have hair on my face at all so why should i shave face with no hair on it at all! So think before you speak! My stomach big so that goes to show you know nothing about me! Some people say its just baby fat but it is still fat? I guess you do not much about me! I have never lived with my birth parents and when i was born i had a twin sister and we are semi-identical but 2 years ago she commited sucide! Grow up with my real parents and i was adopted which i hate my real parents for that


You should set yourself a more realistic goal. Maybe start by losing five to ten pounds then move forwards? Anyway, some tips;

-No snacking in between meals
-Eat meals in smaller, more frequent portions.
-No soda. Absolutely none. Either drink water or tea.
-Avoid sugary, oily food.
-Cut down on the potatoes.
-Drink water BEFORE every meal (By doing this you are filling yourself up so you will eat LESS).
-If you DO have the urge to eat, drink water or eat ice-cubes.
-Walk to wherever possible.

You could try the water diet. This works best if you're not going to be doing much for a week. Basically, all you drink is water (with no food), kind of like fasting. For a week. You can easily lose a few pounds by doing this. However, you will need to return to eating normally afterwards.

Or you could try the apple diet (my sister did this). You eat nothing but apples for three days, then you are free to eat whatever you want. (Lol, but she put the weight back on immediately.)

Truly, there's no real quick way to lose weight (unless you get surgery). And you can't get rid of fat from a certain area, so you really need to exercise.

Obviously you will need to change your lifestyle/diet to become more balanced. Squeeze in at least one hour of exercise each day. My friend runs for 45 minutes and dances for 1 hour, by doing this and dieting she successfully lost a few pounds in half a year or so.

Well, some people do grow a bit more afterwards and actually stretch themselves out. If you are overweight during puberty, there is a high chance you will become overweight in the future. Fat doesn't magically disappear one day when you turn 21.