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Good day good friends. I really need your help. It is about my aunt, that lives in some country, that is pretty much far away from city :/

She is planning to visit the vet, but she wants to hear my opinion, and I know that I am not so experienced as well.

Well, her cat is 8 years old, and recently she was diagnosed with hypothyroidism. She told me that she did some research about this disease, and she know something about it.

But, she doesn’t know how to treat hypothyroidism in older cats.

I don’t know as well… But, do you know?



I am familiar with this problem, because my aunt had a dog and a cat, and she was really far away from the vet. It is really nasty situation, because you can’t visit him every time when you need to check something.

In this case, her cat is older, and she was diagnosed with hypothyroidism. There are not so much to say about it, but I believe that in her case it should be treated with some good therapy.

This cat may need surgery – and maybe not.

That is why she needs to find the way to visit the vet.



Hello folks.


I can understand what she is going through, but she can’t just sit at her home, hoping that this vet will come at her house. That is insane.

I don’t know in what stage is this disease, but I think that the vet will prescribe medical or drug therapy to your cat.

Those are usually tablet that act by reducing the production and release of thyroid hormone from the thyroid gland.

They are not the cure, but they do allow long term control of hypothyroidism.

So, I do believe that this is the best in this cat case.



Hello. I am not so familiar about stage of this disease, but like you already know, medications are really helpful in this case. I know that radioactive iodine is very effective, and helpful. The most important thing, it is totally safe and you don’t have to be afraid especially because we are talking about older cat, right? Radioactive iodine is administered as one, single injection, given under the skin. Very soon, iodine is taken up by the active thyroid tissue.  It can treat it, and it works just fine. I suggest you to tell her to ask vet about this solution.