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Hi friends.


I have a cat, and thanks God, she is really healthy :)

I don’t have any problems with her, but I have to think, to learn some things, because I don’t know will my cat be healthy in the future :/


I hope that she will be OK, but I still need to ask you one thing, just to be sure.

How common is renal failure among older cats?

I mean, my cat is now 7 years old, and I consider her like older cat. That is why I am worried.

If you have any experience, especially for me, because I don’t know lot about it…Let me know. 


Hey girl.


It is nice to know that you take a really good care about your cat. I am thrilled that you want to know that much about her, just in case, for the future.


Here are some answers, but I really hope that you won’t need this help.

I don’t want to scare you, but cats of any breed and age, it doesn’t matter is your cat male or female, older cats most frequently develop this illness. The worst age of chronic renal failure in the cat is about nine years.

All animals can develop chronically renal failure, especially if they are older :/



Hey everyone.

I was googling about this a little bit before, when I had a cat. She passed away a few years ago, and I still don’t want to have a cat after this accident.


This is very common among older cats, it doesn’t matter what breed your cat is, was she sick or healthy before…

It doesn’t matter at all…

I think that this disease usually attacks older cats…

In most cases this disease is progressive…


I am sure that you can expect this disease happens to your cat, but that isn't a rule.

It is nice that you take care of it before it can happen.



Hey everyone.

I am at the same situation lol :) I am always thinkng what can happen with my cat in the future. So, trust me, I was reading so much about this, and I found out some facts. I even went to see my vet about this issue, and we were talking for almost two hours.


He told me that renal failure is very, very common in older cats.


A lot of older cats will get through this diseased, and you need to observe behavior of your cat, because she might show no symptoms.

They can live long and nice, with proper therapy.