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I didn’t hit puberty yet i am 15 i am about 5 5’’ feet my penis is about 4 1/2 inch i have a lot of pubic hair i shaved it twice but no armpit and a few leg hair but i ve got a little mustache and when i ejaculate it appears white but a very little clear white so i am starting to demand when am i going to hit puberty or should i see a doctor?and i masturbated about 6 times in about 4 month is it what delays puberty?


Hi Guest,

You ARE in puberty - clearly, from your post.

1.  You can ejaculate.  That's it!

2.  You have pubic hair.

Your penis is also in the range for a 14-15 year old erect, 4-5".

Armpit hair OFTEN comes in later, could be after 16 or so.  Not all guys are very hairy.

Masturbation DOES NOT delay puberty.

You are NORMAL and definitely in puberty.