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hey im 13 yrs and 60 kg i try to diet but i get attracted .i do excercise but when i suddenly eat i eat a lot.can u guys help me.


try to drink a lot of water.
drink 2 glass of plain water after you wake up from sleep.
drink 1 glass of plain water before meal.
drink 1 glass of plain water 30 to 60 minutes after meal
drink 1 glass of plain water before shower
drink 1 glass of plain water after shower
so if you eat twice or thrice daily, you already drink 8-10 glass of water per day.
plain water is solution for everything to our body.
its good for your skin, your hair, your nail, digest system, bladder.
plain water also can increase your metabolism rate.
if you eat a lot (also drink plain water much more too) your digestive system work better. you will throw (i mean poop) faster and frequently. its a good thing since everything you eat will be thrown away.
i hope this help.

p/s: when i was 65kg three months ago; i'm 155cm tall. i did what i said and now i'm 45kg. my bmi is normal again.


Hi :) I have some tips for u how to loose some weight. Firstly eat healthy, vegetables and fruits should be first Of The list what you should eat more. Better to eat a little portions of food, but more often. Eating 6 times a day is normal. Don't eat snacks, like chocolate and chips, I know it's hard, but if you want to loose weight you have to eat less of this products. Also try not to eat after 6 pm , of you get hungry just drink water or eat an apple for exsample.
Secondly, do lots of exercises. O course going to the gym at 13 years old not good, but there are heaps of exercises you can do at home, which can help you to loose some weight. Look for some exercises on YouTube or search on google and do it everyday. Running is good if you live near a park or a good area for running. Just turn on your music and enjoy the run on the sunny day.
Also I want to add, that loosing weight takes lots of time, but I'd you want to loose weight and stay healthy, you should try really hard. Don't do diets, I really hate them and think they are no help at all for loosing weight. Just start having a healthy life and look after yourself and what you eat.

Hope this help :) wish you luck!