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Excuse me....i am 20 years old and i cant even touch my penis head it hurts even if some clothes stick it hurts very much....i feel like i m the unluckiest person to have that problem....if this goes on then i cannot have sex...please give me the best suggestion for this problem... Help please


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There are many topics about that on here. You are NOT the unluckiest person, many of us were like that. When you get tired enough of being like that you will be willing to endure the pain you have to go through to desensitize your glans. I was in my late 20s when I finally did it. I didn't have the internet to help me, I figured out how to do it by myself.

I reasoned that cut guys were not sensitive because their glans had been exposed ever since they were cut so I was simply going to have to expose it and touch it until mine got like that. Of course it hurts more if it is sticky so I figured I needed to clean and dry it well. I cleaned it using rubbing alcohol on a cotton ball. Of course I had to retract the foreskin all the way then keep it retracted or it would get damp again. Then gently touch it all over with your fingers. You can start with a piece of soft flannel cloth if you want. If you do that several times a day soon you will be able to touch it less gently and in a short time it will begin to feel pretty good and you will want to touch it even more.

Soon it felt so good I began to masturbate by rubbing it bare and dry and don't want to do it any other way now. So attack it with the idea that it will have to endure that until it feels good and I assure you it will feel good.