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Ok so this is kinda embarrassing but I cut my self kinda bad when I was shaving like on the inside of my lip I guess not inside the vagina. But a few days after I got all these red bumps that look like pimples but I have a good amount of them. They kinda have like an opening in them kinda looking like a whole. I stopped shaving for like 5 days or so now and they still hurt. The doctor said it was an outbreak of ingrown hairs I forget what he said it was called. They don't really itch only sometimes but not bad and they hurt. Could you tell me if it is ingrown hair. I'm really scared BC I never had this before.


Hi sodope

Always shave in one direction, when done in reverse direction or another way during next shave, hair follicles tend to rupture and create an area where infection can spread easily. Let it heal, if necessary clean the area with mild soap and apply some moisturising cream over the area. Let the area dry thoroughly.