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Six days ago (two days after my period had ended), my boyfriend and I were fooling around and he ejaculated unexpectedly. His semen got on my inner thighs but I don't think that it went near my vagina. He is really worried though because he not only got it so close but it was a "gusher" and he has never "sprayed" like that before. As soon as the pharmacy opened the next day I took a Plan B pill (exactly 12 hours after the "incident").

I think we're fine; however, he is making me paranoid. I went off of Depo Provera a year and a half ago after being placed on it because of PCOS. I have had fairly regular periods ever since then and didn't feel the need to get back on it since I wasn't in a relationship at the time and once I finally got in one we weren't planning on having sex for quite some time. Also, we weren't using a condom at the time because we weren't planning on having sex and we both tested clean for STD's. However, the combination of all these things has made boyfriend extremely nervous and in turn is making me nervous. What do you think my chances of being pregnant are? I think they're slim; however, he is making me really worried! I plan to take a pregnancy test as soon as possible and get back on birth control for those wondering.

Thank you to those who read and reply to this!


Well, that's a hell of a compliment if nothing else. Clearly he likes you.

I'm with you on this one - see my post in reply to 'Can sperm go through yoga pants and a thong'.

Even if you get sperm in contact with moisture at the entrance of the vagina, it still has a 2500km (in sperm terms) journey to the uterus and egg, which - you'll know better than me - may not even have been there. I'd have to remind myself, but I seem to recall that ovulation was more like 7-10 days after the end of menstruation, not two days, but please check, as I should.

It's sensible to be concerned, to an appropriate degree - we're fooling mother nature, trying to have fun without the risk, but mother nature's keen to keep the human race going, so...

... personally, and I may be crossing the line here, I'd say you're fine and sensible to take the test, if only to reassure yourself, but if this guy freaks over this, how much of a standup guy is he going to be if it ever does happen for real? Might be worth thinking about.

May be very liberated to say 'we don't need men', but they can come in handy, like driving you to the hospital for delivery...


me and my boyfriend were making out 2 days back and suddenly he ejacuated on my vagina. im still a virgin though but im scared i may be pregnant. is that so?
though its only been 2 days. how should i find out?