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About a year ago I noticed a small lump growing on the tip of my nose. I went to the doctor and to a skin specialist who said that as you age your nose and ears never stop growing. Well it is a year later and my nose lump has been growing very slowly with both sides of my nose a little swollen now too. It feels like cartlidge has grown in my nose. My nose also stings quite often and the stinging can spread to under my eyes, my eyes, and forehead. I know I need to go back to the doctor's again but does anyone know what these symptoms could be?



The part that you say that your nose stings you a bit and that is spreads to your easy and your forehead is very concerning. I never heard that anybody had anything similar. I know that people have these nose lumps and they are nothing dangerous. In many cases they can get rid of them by plastic surgery. But in your case this seems a little more serious. I think that you should ask your doctor to check your skin on your forehead and if there is a chance that you might have some sort of an allergy. Have you had any issues with allergies before this happened?

I hope that this was helpful in any way.