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help me please

there is a guy i have been seeing for about 2 years now and we have just recently began doing sexual activities

i have gone as far as giving him a blow job

i havent let him do anything to me becuase im afraid my labia is odd and different

it hangs almost an inch and a bit

is this wierd?

please help me ? !


No offense but that is a bit strange.
Its kind of odd. how old are you?


It is not weird. If you do some searching around the website, you will see numerous posts about this issue. Many women have large labias. Some people like women with larger labias. My girlfriend has one and I love it!! You should not feel embarrassed or ashamed about it.

I hope I've helped put you at ease.


P.S.--Do some searching around SteadyHealth. You will find some really great info!!


The vast majority of women have inner labia that extend beyond the outer labia. The degree to which they extend varies widely - along with variations in color, shape, and texture. Most men, that aren't intimidated by women or have some other psych issues, will be very excited by the prospect of playing with a set of large BEAUTIFUL inner labia!! What you have is quite "normal" you should take full advantage of this pleasure gift! :D

Go out and show the world how you have been blessed!