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OK so I have big inner labia, one is bigger than the other though because only one sticks out of the outer lips.

I am 16, and im afraid most guys my age will think it's gross. I've had sex and been fingered a lot but i've never been eaten out because i'm scared it will gross them out.

I was wondering is it possible for me to get surgery or do i have to wait until i'm 18???
also, I google searched it and most people who replied to threads like this said big inner labia was a good thing but if that's true why do porn stars have small labia?!?! PLEASE tell me the truth is it a good thing or a bad thing??? i think it's so ugly and also, i think it gets bigger whenever I have sex, does that make sense?

ugh i wish they would just shrink one day i hate it so much it lowers my self confindence every day.


Surgery is a bad idea! Large labia are beautiful!!!

If you are seriously worried about the size difference a more reasonable approach would be to make the smaller one more like the larger. This can be achieved in several ways. One way is by stretching, the labia are easily stretched and with repeated stretching some enlargement can be obtained. Another way is to use estrogen cream. The labia are designed to be receptors of estrogen and they respond by growing. By carefully applying cream to the smaller lip for a period of time you should be able to achive some growth and eventually balance the labia. Once balanced you could continue the application to grow incredible, beautiful large labia!

As far as becoming bigger when you have sex, labia are made of tissues similar that in the penis, when you become excited they become engorged with blood. Just part of the normal arousal process. And yes, when you become less aroused the blood flows out and they shrink back to their smaller state. Go ahead and get aroused and have sex it won't efect their long term size.

Good luck and enjoy your pleasure center


Large labia are absolutely beautiful. I'm 40 and had had many partners with different shapes and sizes before I got married 7 years ago. I can reassure you that most men prefer medium to big size labia for it is much more appealing and sexy. Porn stars represent today's pop culture, which may change in say for instance 5 years’ time. You will change a lot during your life, especially after pregnancy. Your stuff down there will also change. You must love yourself the way you are and be harmonious. That would be a good basis for being happy throughout your whole life. I personally love big labia, my wife has rather big too. But it does not necessarily mean I would not have married her if she had a small one or loved her less.