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Hi ...i plan to retract my penis forever ..but it seems difficult and my rolled skin becoming thicker???what should I do??


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How old are you? It's probably easier to get it to stay back when you are young from the other stories I've read about it. You just have to find a way to keep it back there while the rest of your penis grows large enough so it won't roll forward over the glans. If you are older it probably takes longer for it to shrink enough for this to happen, if it ever does.

I like the feeling of having mine back so the glans gets exposed and rubs on my clothes but Ive never tried to keep it like that because I think it's better if I keep it covered most of the time. Boys who were circumcised seemed to have little or no feeling in their glans when we played with each other as kids and I don't want mine to be like that.