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almost 4 days ago, i shaved my pubic hair with a razor. and not even to call it shave, more like a trim, but still i used a razor.

it itches like hell especially when im in public places. and when i look at it i dont really see any red bumps but i know i have them anyways probably

i read somewhere here that it would go away in like two days but it hasnt. and i also read around here that i shouldnt even touch it or i could spread the irritation to other parts of my body, and im scared of that happening, because i feel itchiness in other parts of my body

Im 16 male and im kinda freaking out, cuz i don't want to:
a) tell me mom i need to go to the doctor because my crotch itches.
b) go to a dermatologist wt my mom.

but if it doesn't go away in like two weeks, ill definitely have to do both.


Itching is common after shaving. The pubic hairs get much more irritated after shaving than other parts of the body. Some people can handle it, but it sounds like it's not something you should do again.

If there are no red bumps, you likely don't have a bacterial infection in the follicles, also a common problem after shaving. However, you may want to get some ASAP gel just in case. This is a nano-silver gel that kills bacteria, much like Neosporin, yet it's much gentler on the skin. It also relieves a lot of irritation. You can buy it at a local health food store.


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hey man i agree with bedson,

also i would not worry too much about the the itching in other areas of your body it is most likely psychogenic itching. which means itching which occurs because you read about itching spreading or things like that (Its all in your head) not the pubic itching but the other areas. its the same thing that happens when you are at school and they line you up to do a lice check then even though you dont have lice you still start scratching your head...
does this make sense?

keep up posted :-)
have a Marry Christmas