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i want to try taking up yoga, but i'm not sure where to start. does anyone have any good guides to help me out?


Hey Tiny ghost,

Start by seeing which type of yoga you wanna do. For most beginners, a hatha or vinyasa class will be most appropriate, depending on whether you want a slow or fast-paced class. These are basic styles, and you can always try something fancier later. There are many guides and videos for yoga but for me personally, best is just joining the class, learning from the source. At start just find a class ask what you need of equipment, don't eat before exercise, don't drink during, don't wear socks and have fun, it wont take much time for you to decide is it for you or not. Hope this helped, good luck with your yoga experience. Oh, and also don't be afraid to tell your teacher its your first time and ask him anything you wanna know, ok bai now.