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im 13 and im 180 pounds and i cant lose it. i exercise extra, eat healthly. but the weight nevers goes away. when i eat something like 1 slice of pizza, i gain like 5 pounds. i was thinking about starving myself or not eating anything. please help me, i really do need help.(im a girl)


Don't starve yourself, it could affect your development and generally make you ill. Make sure to exercise, drink lots of water, eat healthy (have treats in moderation) and once again.. don't starve yourself.


Dont starve yourself, you will only gain weight. 

For start try to think in these four things. 

1. Write on a notebook everything you ate in this last couple of days and try to count how many calories you ate. 

2. Began thinking what kind of excercise you enjoy, Insanity, cross fit and high impact exercises wont work on you, we need a low-medium impact to keep the heart rate normal. 

3. Think of how many times you were on a diet and why it didnt work. What are you going to make different this time? Because clearly you need a change. 

4. What motivates you to lose weight? Health or beauty? 

Considering your age and gendre and weight I supposed that you need about 1500 calories, but it depends on how much calories you had been eating this last couple of months. 

If you want my help, Ill be happy to. I lost 40lbs in 7 months and I didnt starve myself and I didnt take any pill it was pure diet and excercise.

Just tell me and I could give you my email. Im kind of an expert in here.