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Any one there  had problem like me? I'm 63 years old very healthy athletic woman. Hike 5-6 ml every other day at Portuguese bend, Rancho Palos Verdes. I been having for several weeks red bumps like pimples or blood blisters on my forehead. When I trying to squeeze it, nothing, no puss comes out, just clear water. In 3-4 weeks its spread all over my forehead and  temples.   I try all kind of cortisone and bactrim-antibiotic-ointment 5% benzole peroxide and no results.

May be I'm allergic to something big time. Never happen anything like this before. My liver is healthy. May be old age acne? Then why now when I feel been in my top shape physically?


put a warm cloth on the pimple for 20 mins (: it should work if not put toothpaste on it!