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Good day my friends,

Do you know any quality cookbook for Hungry girl diet to recommend me? Some amazing book where I can follow some great recipes, where I can find some tips what ingredients should I eat, what should I avoid, and how big portions I can eat per day?

I don’t have that much experience with this diet, to be honest, but as far as I have learned, Hungry girl diet book is something amazing that everyone should read.

I have ordered this book from the amazon, and I hope that this one will arrive soon :)

I hope this book is the right one, where I can read a lot of useful things.

So, any other quality cookbook?



Well, the only cookbook that I know is Hungry girl diet :) I am glad that you have order it, because you won’t be sorry. It is really an easy book to read, and it offers a lot of amazing recipes. You will learn from it everything that you need to know about some diet program and rules. Actually, I found this book very funny, because the author on one special sarcastic way is telling her story.

So, in that book you can find a lot of healthy recipes, proportions, tips on snacking and dining, amazing instructions, etc.

I won’t reveal more, because you need to red it :)




Thank you for your replay,

So I did not made a mistake when I ordered this book :) Cool! Now, I am really happy that I will be able to read it. I was asking people around me do they have this book, but no one has it. The only way for me was to buy it because I haven’t find it on the bookstores as well.

Thank you for giving me such an amazing introduction in Hungry Girl diet, I am sure that I will like this book, and maybe I will start to follow it as well, who knows :)

Thank you!