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One of my friends who was always complaining about having thin hair - like me, was full of praise for this shampoo and conditioner she was using and her hair definitely did look better the other day, maybe because she had a haircut done too.

I’m 38 years old woman and I’m losing noticeably more hair now than say few years ago. Not like I’m going bold, but my hair is so thin. The shampoo and conditioner she mentioned are called Nioxing, but I couldn’t find them in my local store so I’m hoping someone could tell me how much do they cost and is the whole Nioxing thing worth paying for?


Hello Sam,

Nioxin products don't affect the hair growth, but instead aim to help your hair to look and feel thicker and healthier. I think your friend's haircut might have contributed to the better look of her hair, since it takes about six months of regular use of Nioxin system (as they call it). This system includes shampoo (cleanser), conditioner (Scalp Therapy) and leave-in conditioner (Scalp Treatment). And if you decide to buy it, you'll have a choice of all these three adjusted to colored or non-colored hair, your hair type and the rate your hair is thinning.

From what I've seen, you can buy Nioxin at any larger store or online.