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Is it possible for a girl to squirt without breaking of her hymen?can she do it by herself or a 2nd person is needed to make her squirts?



Yes it is possible to squirt without breaking your hymen, it is often more likely a female will orgasm, and subsequently squirt having stimulated only the clitoris area, not entering the vagina at all, therefor the hymen remains in tact.  Even if the vagina has been stimulated internally it will not necessarily break the hymen.

It is also possible for a female to make herself squirt, in fact often it is more likely  this will happen if she is stimulating herself over another person doing this for her.  This can be due to a number of reasons,  You are aware of your own body and respond to what it likes so can satisfy yourself to this point, where another person may not be so intuitive,  also relaxation if you are with another person you may not be quite as relaxed as you would be alone, therefore less likely to fully orgasm, or if you do achieve orgasm it may not be to the point of squirting.

Not every female seems to squirt or ejaculate on orgasm, it is physically possible for all females to be able to do this, but some never ejaculate.  This is normal we are all different and it does not mean you enjoy sex any less or are doing anything wrong.  I hope this helped<3