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I am a teenage girl, still a virgin, and I can't get any pleasure from masturbation. I'm afraid that when I eventually have sex, I will not feel any pleasure. It feels like I've tried everything, I've stroked my clitoris slowly, gently, hard, fast, it feels okay I guess but I wouldn't call it pleasurable. I've penetrated my vagina and used many fingers but it mostly doesn't feel like anything. I can't find my g spot no matter how much I try, maybe my g spot just isn't sensitive . I've used toys like vibrators, but they don't help much either. Sometimes it can feel okay, both fingering and with toys, but not yet pleasurable.

I turned on easily so that's not the problem. I've read erotica and watched porn and it does make me turned on and makes me want to tucto myself, but when it comes down to touching myself it doesn't feel pleasurable. I would really want to get the pleasure out of masturbation like normal people,do, but it feels like it's something wrong with me. If anyone has any tips for me please tell me. 


Hey if you want i can help you im usually good at this. Tell me how to contact you and we can talk ;)