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Is it possible to stretch your inner labia on one side by pulling and tugging on it. I have a nine year old daughter that has been doing this for a couple of months ( yes I have told her to stop).


No. Labia only elastic and may be stretched when girl play with... But after playing they retourn to normal size.
For example, when adult woman has sex, inner labia hard pulling and tugging all time, but size NOT CHANGE
(it may be temporary only). 
Many girls, who masturbate long time (more then year) has LITTLE LABIAS.
Many girls, who not masturbating at all - has big labias... It is a nature...

Big inner labias for many mans are beautiful and associate with more sexualyty and best choice.
Stretch labias with masturbation impossible. They may only grow (it is normal) as grow tits (it is normal too).