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My fiance` is about to turn 30 on New Years. He was born was an irregular heart beat. He went to the doctor (because I annoyed him enough!) and the doctor said that he has stomach ulsers and has had small, multiple heart attacks. Everything I told him to do before he went to the doctor, and everything the doctor told him to do, he won't! And he won't go to a heart specialist. He wants to have a family. How do I convince him to go to the heart doctor and to listen to me and the doctors?


If you love him & want a family with him tell him he & you deserve better even if he doesn't think so. Tell him you don't want to lose him, you deserve more consideration from him. If he doesn't want to go to the doctor hor himsef to do it for you. Tell him all the things you love about him, how he makes you happy & how you7 want the same for any prospective inocent children who deserve equal consideration & deserve to grow upp with a happy, healthy father whom they do not deserve to lose. Tell him you know & understand he has been through hell with medics, doctors & her deserves nothing but the best & he will get it even if you have to get your friends & family to drag him screaming & shouting to the doctor however embarrassing it makes him feel because your love & his well being is worth more than his fear, embarrassment & his giving u