I had the Novasure - endometrial ablation three months ago June 2015 and have suffered so much pain in my lower back, hips, groin, and leg pain. It has really put a toll on my quality of life. I cannot do things that I enjoy because of the pain. I hurt more in the morning . I can hardly get out of bed without having to basically roll out of bed and when my pain meds wear off, I have to take more. I do not want to be stuck on pain meds. Please someone give me some answers. My doc now wants to do a hysterectomy. I am afraid of having it done and it still not fix the pain. I am 49 and if the hysterectomy would take away the pain, I am all for it. Whyare so many doctors saying that it is not from the Novasure, yet so many are complaining after having it done? Yes, I have been to nerosurgeon and he said my pain was not coming from my spine. I do have minor problems with my back, but not enough to cause pain. Did something go wrong during the Novasure ablastion that the doctor is not telling me? She said my uterus could be back up with blood and be causing the pain, but when I ask about a ultrasound, she said she did not think it was necessary for one. HUH? I would think it was!!!!!!!