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I am 33 years of age, i have not had a period for 2 years now, the gynae consultant has told me that i have gone through the menopause and now have ovarian failure because my FSH is high. I am now on HRT Tablets called Trisequens, can i get pregnant while taking these tablets? I have not had any major symptoms of the menopause apart from not having periods.

Please help as i desparatley want a child.


Hi Dear,

Maybe i can answer u, because i hv few idea about your case.
1. Normally, i dont think u can get pregnant with or without taking the Trisequens tablets! bacause your ovary is not ovulating/producing eggs wich the sperm needs to enter then to formulate the fetus.
2. Scientifically/ Medically, If you are not muslim so in your religion and in your country you can have an operation to get pregnant, i is allowed to have or to buy an egg (or find donating) and transplant it in your uterus, then as i know it will be injected by the sperm of your husband. This is forbidden for us, because the egg is not from you personnaly, it is from somebody else! so blood is mixed (mixing wellborn), and maybe has diseases, it should be from you and to be his/ her real mom!! otherwisw you can adobt (cute girl :-) ).
3. Religiously, nothing is impossible to Allah, you have to pray all the time and thank god for everything ( good & bad) and in the same time do good things as much as u can and dont do bad things whether to yourself or to others, keep your heart clean and be optimistic and believe in Allah, and even if you didnt get pregnant, thank god for the many other things that you have and others dont. and believe that this is your destiny, maybe it is good for you not to have children, for example: if u get pregnant u may die while deliviring, or after raising your baby he may become a bad person that harms his parents, or he may be on drugs and have overdose and die or have an accident...etc. then you ll be very sad and wish to die...
4. psychologically, Just try to be happy, opimistic, and always smile, forget your problems, dont ever think about them, even if you ll have a baby u cant garantee happiness and not having other problems, most of the married people and with children are not happy in their life. All of us are going to die one day, we are not immotral, life is too short! the real and long lasting life will be in the after life, so be a good person to go to heaven :-) ( not to hell!!!).

Best wishes:) and wish me happiness


I did have a five months pregnancy after taking trisequence but I lost the baby.