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I have a friend that has a little girl age 7 and this little girl eats all of the time. she can easily eat more than an adult male and still says she's hungry. We have told her that this is not good for her and she asks why. Is there any possible way that she could harm herself other than gaining too much weight? She is already much bigger than her older sister who is 8 and her mother and I are afraid that she is killing herself. When we tell her not to eat so much she says " what can happen will my stomach explode?" PLease help>>>>>


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Hi there! I can fully relate to your problem. I have a 6 year old who could eat all day unlike the 3 year old who eats for ages.

When I noticed that he started overeating, I really panicked because I know that overeating leads to overweight, even obesity, which further leads to so many health problems.

The fat can accumulate on the inside as well as the outside, on the organs like heart, arteries, liver and pancreas and cause impairment of these organs functions.
Today, so may children suffer from diabetes that is caused by overeating and excessive fat. This can lead to hypertension, heart problems and strokes in adulthood.

I didn’t want that to happen to my child so I took appropriate measures.
A pediatrician said that he might grow out of it but I didn’t want to take any chances especially because we neglected healthy foods and lived on junk for the past couple of years. Another problem that I had to consider was obesity problem in my husband’s family.

I knew that he won’t understand the word I am saying about food and overeating, so I had to organize his daily activities.
I signed him up for swimming. We went on foot to the kindergarten and back. We started spending more time outside, walking, cycling, or just being in the nature.

I decreased everybody’s portions in the house (except the little one’s of course), cut down on junk food, started cooking vegetables more often, and gave them fruit regularly.
I didn’t restrict them from eating sweets but they could eat sweats in moderation, usually on weekends.

Only one cartoon and one documentary a day, no snacks. I would make lemonade instead of soft drinks or just plain water.

These are some steps you need to make for the children’s sake but yours as well. It takes a bit of planning and organizing and of course you would need to pay more attention to the children but once you start doing it, things will go smoothly.
If you can’t organize or decide on right food, you can always ask a dietician or a pediatrician for an advice.

Tell me, does the girl have any activities? How many hours does she spend in the house compared to nature or just outdoors? Remember that most things will be up to your friend and you at the beginning! Life changes can be hard but will certainly bring you benefit! Good luck!