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I'm 9 weeks pregnant and forover a month I've been having really intense bowel movements. First I started out being constipated then all of a sudden I'm experiencing the wrist pain next to giving child birth and its not it exiting, its my stomach that hurts. I sweat, my hands tingling and numb i feel like throwing up and I've nearly passed out. And when i sat sweating i mean out of every inch of my body. Soaking wet. Then I went back to being constipated, nearly a week went by and the whole time my stomach hurt. Then Smythe episode like the first. Then nearly a week goes by again and i have anther extremely intenseepisode, meanwhile leading yo to that point my stomach hurts all the time, even when I feel gas moving it hurts. Well after the third Rome the next day i felt achy and sure in my stomach and in my back, like a period ache or something. Then i told my doctor who said there might be a blockage and to drink magnesium citrate and see where that put me. I did, it took 6 hours after drinking to finally get the hard c**p out and then diahrreah, this to was painful, in my stomach. Since then I've gone a couple days no BM but my stomach hurts and then finally i had one, diahrreah as usual but i haven't felt constipated since themagnesium. But I'm still hurting when I'm having BM and i also think i have hemorrhoids because i have "itchy bottom" I've noticed blood on the toilet paper and i can feel my pulse down there. But it doesn't hurt there, it hurts in my belly. How do i go from being constipated and then when i finally go, i have horrible diahrreah!?.why does it hurt so bad. I haven't had a normal BM in over a month. Help.


Hello preggoproblems,

Your doctor's diagnosis seems in line.  Excess magnesium tends to flush the system and that sounds like what it did.  They relieved your constipation.  However, you had a fair amount of magnesium which can generate diarrhea after the fact but I don't think there's anything unusual about that.  Some blood in your stools may come from intestinal irritation due to blockage.  It will take some time to heal.  Your other systems might suggest you have gestational diabetes.  Sweating and ingling sensations.  You should have your doctor check that as you may need diabetic medication furing your pregnany.  A number of pregnant women have this happen.  It's generally temporary and goes away after you give birth.