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Timberswife: Gosh, you have a heavy load right now. I know nothing about thyroid cancer, but I do know if your parathyroid's had adenomas they could be removed along with the thyroid nodules. A biopsy could be done on them at time of surgery. Were the parathyroid glands enlarged? Is the surgeon a endocrine surgeon specializing in thyroid and parathyroid? Don't get ahead of yourself with worry after all you are going on vacation. You stated your labs were not bad, please remember what is in normal range may not be YOUR normal and find a Dr that understands this. As for me (three adenomas removed) hyperplasia is rare. Hyperplasia is abnormal cell growth. I wish you much success in your quest for better health. Please choose your surgeon wisely with lots of experience. This is the key to a good regards..txg


Dear txgranny and all. T he dr i saw is Dev abraham if you google him he is an endo dr n professor for the u of u hospital n school n he does have a medical practice that is thyroid n diabetes specialties. Remember i said my allergist was a dr with the same back ground and how he had enough of my dr. not doing nothing to solve this high calcium so the last time i saw him he went to the top of the hospital n got in touch with this dr. n had pulled strings to get me seen as dr abraham was booked until july. i only waited 3 weeks n also i am getting in june 1st for the biopsy at 9 am. it will probably take a week or so for results but hopefully he can tell me something that monday on possible options. he also told me they do do the small operation in utah as he does know someone who does it here. its just not talked about. So not really sure what he means. My labs have been on the calcium as such 1 at 10.0 2 at 10.2 1 at 10.7 3 at 10.9 1 at 11.0 ionized calciums were 5.6 n 5.7 n last one was 5.8....pth were 32 mostly last one was 42.....was told these were not high enough to cause my symptoms of bone pain anxiety depression brain fog thirsty from time to time n when i do drink i peeee it right out within 15 mins. my thyroid was check n it was in normal range but high normal infact all labs were in the high normal i find this odd. as 3 years ago things were in the middle on there ranges. also i did have a test that showed a slight protein for cancer in feb. but it was so slight it could not show what type. I am so worried i can handle the para its the swollen lymphs n the thyroid in it now. the most upsetting is i had practical beg my dr to check my neck way back in nov. n feb. n april when i last saw fact i think she has talked with all the docs. i see n was trying to tell them this all is in my head n i have anxiety.....she even convinced my mother who left cause they could not find anything but they never would check my neck when i had the mri n ct scan i would ask its includes my neck too right... they would say no ur dr. doesn't feel we need to look there. sothere was 2 inlarged para glands seen on the ultra sound n 2 1 cm thyroid nodules and alot of small ones all in the size of a quarter as the thyroid is not much bigger than a quarter. if any one has any information please i am all ears i am allergic to all medicines right now n don't have to many option most of the drs. have talked to my dr. n she has pretty much made my road to health a very hard road n to try n convince this drs to listen to me. thanks for listening now to me also n please say a prayer i need all the help the good lord can give me. god bless u all on ur roads to health.


timberswife: Thanks you so much for the info on Dr Dev Abraham. I researched him and it looks like you are headed in the right direction with a capable Dr. I am glad a Dr finally stood up for you and referred you to him. With many health issues it is always great to know you are in capable hands. Best of luck and keep us updated...txg


OK the latest for me is I have 4 parathyroid tumors, just like u txgranny. I am really scared to have the surgery as it could mean taking calcium daily n not being regulated n being hypo. so not sure where to go yet but will research my options. I had the thyroid nodules biopsied today it was painless until later mine is really sore now n i have quite a bit of bruising. Also the swollen lymph node in my neck behind my jaw could most likely be a swollen salivia gland which would explain the low salivia......n how many drs. did i go to to get that not diagnosised. dr. abraham ultrasound it n said thats what it was, a saliva gland which almost most of mine r swolllen another dr. to see for that. but there is a dr hunt here that does do para surgery just not sure which one he does, so going to see if he does n some of my options. my vacation was pretty good except for the weather, it is always cloudy when we go to ca. hopefully it will be better next time. loved seeing my grand babies. so if any one has any thing new or ideas or help please do, i really need to make alot of choices n to check some more areas of concern. like saliva glands. tx granny my concern is becoming hypo, is ur remaining half a gland regulating ur calcium or do u still take calcium pills. and do u have alot of symptoms still after the surgery. i am feeling better in some areas as so much was a severe allergic reactions to meds. n my body id trying to come back to normal. i knows i need to do something, just need some straight facts, n more faith in the medical profession, they have left some big areas of doubt thru the years, i have a child with learning problems n one that was born as close to death as u can be, all because they would not listen and do some extra testing. also all the medicine reactions i have thru out my life n told this was all in my head, the aches pains n the reactions, so finding a great dr. is key for me. Thanks again! n keep praying, god speed and good health. E.


I am wondering is parathyroidectomy is better for patient if it is done in general anesthetic or a local anesthetic?
I know that in general anesthetics you are unconscious and you don't feel any pain, and in local you don't feel pain but you are aware all the thing that are happing to you. I am wondering also is it easier for the body to heal if a patient in in general anesthetic?
I see you have had experience with this and I am interesting to find these answers.


Timberswife and others. First of all I am glad you got a diagnosis. Please understand what I post is just my experience and is not to replace information your Dr may provide. I did not have general anesthesia. Not sure what the procedure was, but I woke up not remembering ANYTHING about the surgery. I had very little pain, just sore throat . Cold drinks eased that. Not a hangover feeling or any nausea either. This was done as an outpatient. I flew home the next day. Yes, I had hyperplasia, but only three glands were removed. Under NO circumstances should all four gland be removed. 3 1/2 maybe but NEVER all. You will be hypo and have more problems than ever. Taking calcium everyday is NOT a problem. I take 1 a day. You need that if you have osteoporosis, and believe me you will have osteoporosis if this HPTH is not taken care of. Calcium comes in many forms and calcium citrate w/vitD is what I take. Women need calcium supplements. Everyone should choose their surgeon wisely and find another Dr if they want to remove all parathyroid glands. I wouldn't worry about your calcium not being regulated after surgery. You should take calcium immediately after surgery for days so not to be hypocalcemic. You will have labs to check this. There is information out there about this, please research this. I know you have many health issues and I wish you the best. txg


Thanks txgranny, And yes i know these postings on here are just personal experiences, but sometimes they help wonders when someone is going or has gone thru the same thing. I did get some good news today. I DO NOT have thyroid cancer. Whew! now on to talking with the parasurgeon here, he also can probly address my saliva gland issue as well, fingers crossed. my sister in law an also my husbands sister which to make clear brother sister married brother n sister so its twice. a sister in law went to have her thyroid meds n labs done and found she had only 5.8 of calcium in her blood. she constantly scares the heck out of us as this happens alot. and the kicker she doesn't have that many symptoms when it happens. just will have a grandmal siezure. so this 3 or 3 n 1/2 removal bothers me abit. but i am getting results n my family dr. has seen the last of me, i had to take my youngest in for a fever n the dr. said well at least she has something wrong with her....... when the visit was almost done i told her what has been found n made my own crack about the saliva gland n how 4 paras had tumors n what i had went to her and to a ent 3 times n you didn't know that. then i researched the meds she gave my dr. which i should have researched before buying as i told her again she reacts to meds like me n again another wise crack that it was scarey she was like me. the medicine she gave her was not to be given to children under daughter is 13 n weighs only about 80 pounds she was giving her adults meds. n amounts.....also found her last meds she reacted to was liquid keflex the same drug that sent me into extreme reactions of gastritis vaginititis and colitis, my daughter only took it 3 days n was having chest pains n stomach ploblems, her heart was beating fast as well. but she doesn't believe this...back to all in my head. so i am looking for an excellent dr. and will be interviewing....i refuse to put up with this, but when u r as sick as i was, slowly coming out of it as i was so stupid to believe her n kept taking meds n just compounded it all. levaquin, keflex, zantac, priloc, omprazole, pepcid predizone valuim, endoscope anthesia, and a few others, i would take 1 or 2 n would get sicker n sicker my body started to siezure the tremors were un real but the mri ct scans n brain waves said i was find n the muscle spams my muscles were so tight i could barely move, so she thinks it is all in my head. but my daughter said mom stop the meds, take nothing n i mean nothing n i bet you will start to feel better. n so very slowly n i mean very slowly n am about 70 percent back. but my dr. refuses to see it was the meds. so ty again for the info n granny thanks abunch, i need to really make a big decision, i have even came up with my own option i hope it might be a possiblity. it goes like this.....take out 2 paras n disect the other 2 n leave half of them this way if the one they would discet gets hurt to bad i have left me an extra spare. not sure but sounds good to me, as i do not look forward to the low calcium.....if my health does not improve the endo dr. says we might have to look for possible cancer somewhere else....scarey thought as he just can't grasp all my smptoms as well. but doesn't believe there in my head, thank god. so granny any new or info is greatly appreciated. E Ps how are u feeling.....and anyone else that has had the surgery please keep us updated there is people like me that r wondering n waiting on surgery who r u can;t imagine how ur stories affect us n so when u tell the bad n then never continue n say if its still bad or u have been cured. Please continue the stories they are helping me n many other people i am sure. TC n god bless.


timberswife, I highly recommend the following web site to you and anyone else looking for Endocrine Surgeons and top Medical Facilities treating Endocrine Disorders such as Thyroid, Parathyroid, Etc. in the U.S. The page I'm leaving refers to the top US Doctors in that field of medicine, but continue after that wiith excellent information on Parathyroid, Thyroid Disorders as well as a blog spot with info. and personal stories from their previous patients at UCLA. I noticed that you stated that you have some sort of problem with your salivary glands. I had a similiar problem at the same time I was suffering all sorts of problems from my Parathyroid Glands (3). I thought that it was my nerves or something. As it turned out, I had also developed Type 2 Diabetes, which is a problem that can be caused by Hyperparathyroidism.
I can't even begin to list all of the problems which I developed prior to having the Parathyroid Glands removed. I'd try, but it's 4:15 A.M. here in Michigan. The Type 2 Diabetes can be diagnosed with a 2 hour Glucose Tolerance Test. Do not rely on simply a Fasting Blood Sugar (FBS), mine had been fairly good, but the Glucose Tolerance Test was not good at all.
Good Luck on your quest for a diagnosis. I will be back on at another time and submit more information, probably more than anyone cares to know...the road to knowledge and the path of experience has been long and rough, but, as a rolling stone gathers moss, I have gained a wealth of knowledge.


TY was2tired, any and all info is greatly appreciated. The diabetes is a possiblities as family history n i was diabetic when pregnant 3 out of the 5 times. So what are the web sites u had mentioned, i was looking in your post n i didn't see it, maybe my eyes r getting selctive....LOL but do have eye problems as well, and saliva n thinking possible salty skin as we have a cat that just sucks all the time on me n no one else so maybe that is a clue.....i have lower jaw vibrations n odd feelings and also i have started getting weird head sensations like forehead into the top of my headits like a numbness or a prickly feeling doesn't hurt at least not yet its just odd. also thought i had a mini heart attack this past friday, it woke me up n was very unusual felt like heart quivering n then get where i feel i am passing out then a whoosh like feeling n then my heart was slamming in my chest it happened 2 times that day.....i jerk ball night long while sleeping my husband has even video tapped me trying to find answers, all from medications and who knows what my body is saying now......don't go to drs. much any more since most say i don't know or i don't think any thing is wrong with u.....but we are finding things just not all of them and i am so discouraged i don't feel like fighting them any more.... i was never to drs. much before just to have babies n emergencies and utis......until starting in 2006 0r so i have been feeling different went to drs then did tests n found nothing said it was stressed left it alone for over two years until bad kidney infection an so severe reactions to the meds. n now i find i have athersclosis lower degeneration of lumbar spine all 4 parathyroids have tumors n thyroid nodules not cancer but maybe thyroid is syarting to act up n all these unusal problems of numbness twitching vibrations sensations... i am not a very anxiety person not the norm in fact meds brought on alot of anxiety as a reaction to them.....i have finacialy ruinede my family. i tell them i am so sorry for all of this but they all say mom we know you n there just not looking right we know its not panic attack from life just from them not finding it n the stress that its causing on me from them not figuring this out, my dr has been stopping alot of progressing in my search. so i make appts. with out her permission which has found all of my so far problemsshe did not have nothing to do with my diagnosises so far they r from me looking to other drs. n them helping me mainly just my allergist. even tho he thinks stress is part of it....which i believe yes but only after the fact as it is so stress ful to fight the system. i told my husband if they don't find the underlying problem soon it will be taking my heart is starting to act up more n more. so yes any info is great i just have to push for testing. n plese put on the web sites to check out... sometimes if u put it on as a click on some web sites filter them out so we don't see it. but yes try again with the info. n ty texgranny where r u i am getting worried no response from u.....i hope u are doing ok.....also 2tired tell us ur story it does help...


OK, here is the web site that I tried to send last night....who know what happens in my mind at 4:30 AM... all that I know is that no matter how poorly my mind functions at 4:30 AM on any day is way better than it was before my Sub=Total Parathyroidectomy.
Now, if this does not copy, just Google UCLA Hospital+Endocrine Surgery. I think that you can get there that way. While there look at Resources and, or course, the patient blogs and their stories. Everywhere you look is a wealth of information. I have much more to send but I'm afraid that it will not fit with all that I have written so far, so off this goes and then I will post the next part immediately.


Some of the consequences of Hyperparathyroidism include the following (no one has all of these, everyone with these disorders has some with potentially more or less as the case may be:
Hypercalcemia..........which causes the following:


Osteomyalcia............then Osteopenia............then Osteoporosis (because it eats your bones)Collapsed Vertebraes (with or without Osteomyelitis which is a extremely severe bone infection) broken hips or wrists or whatever, painful bone spurs or other types of calcium deposits anywhere in the body, the necessity of bilateral knee replacements (lucky me....this is one of my booby prizes, but it can wait till later), hip replacements, other bone destruction, etc.

Nausea and/or Vomiting


Muscle Weakness

Confusion or Other Alterations of Mental Status (ie: difficulties with concentration and memory)


Muscle and Joint Pain


Kidney Disease

Kidney Stones

Arrythmias and other Heart Problems



Urinary Incontinence including night time bed wetting

Lethargy, stupor, or even coma in very severe states

Hyperreflexes and muscle twitching including in the tongue or jaw


Hypertension and or Bradycardia


Ulcers or GERD (Gastro Esophageal Reflux)

Bone Tenderness and Pain

Even mild-moderate elevations of Calcium in people over 55 can have much stronger effect and/or symptoms.

Primary Hyperparathyroidism:

Chondrocalcinosis and pseudogout

osteitis fibrosa cystica

Muscle Weakness Primarily in the Legs

Hypercalciuria (high urinary calcium output above 250 mg Calcium per day in womenand 300 in men)

Neuropsychiatric illness up to and including severe depression, severe anxiety, suicide or suicidal thoughts, ideation or plans, memory and concentration difficulties mild to severe in nature.

Congestive Heart Failure

Cystic bone lesions

Diabetes Type 2

Decreased height

Itchy skin

Personality changes

Upper abdominal pain

Blurred Vision because of Cataracts

Secondary Hyperparathyroidism as a result of long term chronic over-stimulation of the parathyroid glands producing Parathyroid Hormone) This causes a Vitamin D Deficiency

Chronic Renal Failure

Malabsorption syndromes


Mitral and Aortic Stenosis

Bowed Legs or Rib Cage Abnormalities

Swollen Joints

I'm sure that I've missed some, but not many of the associated problems which exist or can potentially exist. I was very frightened for myself and it is good now that I no longer need to worry about the addition of more symptoms, and/or the progression or worsening of existing symptoms. For me, all I need to worry about with myself is what damage has been done and is intractable and I will need to adjust to the fact that some things will never be back to normal for me, and, that I need to live with the fact that the failure of Drs. 20-30 years ago to diagnose me all the way thru to April of last year has cost me dearly in terms of time lost from my life as well as physical problems I will need to deal with till I die, to say nothing of every thing else that has gone wrong in my life because I was suffering from a chronic illness. .....It will take up to 10 years to know what I will and will not recover from, but I know that nothing new will start least I don't think can take up to 5 years for them to tell if cancer is an issue. Pathology can't differentiate between Hypercellular Growth of Cells and Hyperplasia of Cell Growth in the Parathyroid Glands.....Hyperplasia is pre-malignant, so that is just wait and see, but a very, very remote possibility......I really don't worry about it because it is so rare and remote.
Have a Good Evening Everyone!


My Friends, Here is a story which had appeared in the New York Times Health Section. It is written by a dear lady who is very intelligent and found her entire life caving in.... due to her Mental Condition. Years went by with numerous Inpatient Psychiatric Hospitalizations including Electro-Convulsive Therapy (Shock Treatments) before she found that her problem was caused by Hyperparathyroidism. Ulimamtely (?sp.) she was diagnosed by her long term Psychiatrist who had suddenly found that he himself had developed a severe Clinical Depression, and evidently reassesed his own way of doing assessments on his patients to be more inclusive of possible physical causes of what initially appeared to him to be Primary Mental Illness. Mental Illness caused by Hyperparathyroidism is not a "Primary Mental Illness". When a person who has never had any major form of mental illness, suddenly appears to have Major Clinical Depression......Medical Dr.s and Psychiatrists should order blood work to check various blood levels.....especially for Parathyroid and Thyroid Problems. Usually the only ones that are ordered are Thyroid Levels, and sometimes, not even that. Many people who could be diagnosed much earlier by their Psychiatrist, are not assessed and end up suffering for years without a accurate diagnosis. The most horrible thing about failing to do diagnostic testing for Hyperparathyroidism is that by not testing, and, by not getting a proper diagnosis, the symptoms worsen. Psychiatrists may send the patient off to a therapist for talk therapy, which certainly will not help to any great degree in the treatment of Hyperparathyroidism. (It does help in a minimal way, and I would never suggest that a patient with Hyperparathyroidism who is terribly depressed, do without it while awaiting surgery. There is benefit in talk therapy and a therapists encouragement to just hang on by any means that they can while they wait for surgery.) They may put the patient on an antidepressant, which also may not work, (Sometimes antidepressants do help, but, because of the Hyperparathyroidism, being the causative factor, sometimes the medications do not work for patients with Hyperparathyroidism!) Sometimes many different meds are tried.....they may or they may not work. This all takes time and causes undue frustration for the patient involved, to say nothing of postponing the diagnosis which should be made as soon as possible. May God help those patients who are suicidal and lack the strength and determination and a wonderful therapist, all of which God Blessed me with! In the story that this lady tells, her Father had comitted Suicide when he was 46.....she now wonders if he had been a victim of Hyperparathyroidism.

Usually Mental Illness is the result of the chemistry in the brain being off balance....people can not self will that to change nor can they treat it in any way by themselves. They have not had anything to do with it being out of balance and they have not got the ability to make it be normal again. Mental Illness is not any different than Diabetes. Both conditions must be treated by medications......which are restore the chemical imbalance to normal and thus correct the Mental Illness or the Diabetes.

In the case of Hyperparathyroidism, the chemical imbalance which is involved in the disease and caused by excess Parathyroid Hormone, in turn, causes a chain reaction in body chemistry to occur.....such as changes in Calcium Levels, which in turn changes other chemicals in the body.....right on down the line in a chain reaction. All of these changes in body chemistry finally reach a continued level in which a huge bunch of body chemicals are way out of whack.....and they stay that way, finally, after the brain continues to be affected day-after-day, by this abnormal body chemistry, the brain chemistry begins to change due to the change in body chemistry.....caused by excessive Parathyroid Hormone. This problem will not stop untill the diseased Parathyroid Glands are removed.

So, my friends, don't wait in fear of having the surgery, the consequences of not having the surgery are far worse than having the surgery. Any complications which occur post-op usually can be handled by a very experienced Endocrine Surgeon. Please choose your surgeons carefully. Refer to the list that I provided in my earlier post from UCLA. They have carefully listed ALL of the top medical facilities in the US for Endocrine Surgery.....I can't stress the importance enough of choosing the most experienced Endocrine Surgeon that you can may need to travel a little bit, but it is worth it. Most people recover rapidly and feel quite well the very next day. Just find the most experienced surgen who is closest to your home area. There are at least 13 centers across the US.
The following web site is also a excellent way to find the best Dr. or Hosp.. This site is from US News and World Report and is very credible and reliable....not just for Endocrinology, but for many fields of medicine and specialty areas. Don't just believe any Dr. just because he says that he is the best. This is no different that believing that a product is the best of its kind-simply because the company that makes it says so in the advertising that they pay to put on the TV, Radio, Newspapers, and Magazines or on Computers. You can get yourself in really big trouble that way....really quickly. Always use caution.....Always Educate Yourself!!!!!

The article in the New York Times.....Health following:

After reading that,put "Hyperparathyroidism" in the New York Times search section.....some good articles on there.

Good luck to every one of you in your search for answers and your personal quest for health. Information is your best friend.

Take care! "D"


Thanks D, lots of info, i love that, i do believe knowledge is power, but also can get abit over whelming at times until it gets digested...... I am hesitate on the surgery, only because i have 4 tumors n there is a 20 percent i will not be cured.....infact i might make myself hypocalcmetic, which i guess is worse then hyper. but do have appt. with a doctor at the huntsman cancer place later this week, so will be getting hopefully to a resolution on this, also since he is a neck dr, maybe he can do some test on the saliva situtation, will mention the diabetes. i have started reading your web sites. ucla looks pretty good to me. just will have to have a consult with dr there on how they perform the operation, if it general or local.....also feeling like i might be reacting to perservatives in meds. n locals as have strang n weird happens n extreme anxiety after giving them. not sure but my body does not like most things lately......hopefully drs. will help find instead of dismissing me.....i wish i had fame n fortune....maybe they would be nicer n would look harder n not take so long. but ty again on the info. also my blood calcium is about 10.9 ionized is 5.8 n pth is in the 4o's so not sure if my symptoms or my situtation would cause these symptoms....long story to even get this far. but who knows maybe i will soon know. thanks again e. granny are u still there.


also d how many tumors did u have, n who did ur operation.....n did it take long to feel better......sry so many questions. thanks again e


D has given very helpful information. You can also look for otolaryngologists (head and neck surgeons). Many of them have extensive experience in parathyroid surgery. Just be sure that you feel really comfortable with your surgeon. Get answers to all your questions and go where you need to go.