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Hello im 14 yo and have about a 4" erect penis. I have a little pubic hair but no body hair. My dad is hairy and about 6 foot. Im about 5, 6 and im wondering if itll grow. My friends always tease.


Hi Guest,

You're NORMAL.  4" is normal for a 14-15 year old.

Ignore your friends.  Unless they've seen you erect they won't know how big you are.  There are lots of variations in the size of penises when flaccid.  When erect, the average size is 5-5 1/2" for an ADULT.

Give yourself some time.

Good luck.



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Your 14 and your penis is 4" erect, that is OK, in 2 or 3 years your penis will get bigger and thicker as well. The hair around your penis will also get longer and thicker as well. As your father is hairy, you will be like that as well, expect a spurt of hair to grow quickly when you are 15 or 16.