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I'm a 29 year old guy. my foreskin has become tight to a point that it is sometimes painful to pull back. white scale has developed and seems to be worse around the frenulum area. The skin just below the head seems to be scarred white in places. i clean very regularly using skin sensitive products. i've used anti fungal cream. it still won't go. does anyone know what this may be and recommend any treatment? (yes, i'm fairly typical and trying to avoid presenting my penis to the doctor! :$ )


Is it possible that this is a yeast infection?

You haven't told us what you've been using your penis for? Intercourse? Masturbation? Anal sex? Sunbathing? Swiming in a chlorinated pool?

You've tried an anti-fungal treatment, but have you tried something that might kill yeast cells?

It sounds like you're going to have to go to the family doctor.
Sorry, but you need a pair of trained medical eyes to examine your penis.
If you want to keep it healthy, that is....