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Hello! :-D

I have some questions about precum. I was wondering if you a girl can be impregnated by a little amount of precum. Like, is there any amount of sperm in precum? Specifically precum from a guy that hasn't ejaculated before or after he precummed? And if he has a small amount of that precum on his finger, and inserted into a girl, can she become pregnate?
Can that precum go through thin, wet underwear? And or his pants?

Any nice, mature answers are helpful...thank you! :-D


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ok, this may be a bit of a long post but it should help clarify things.

pre-cum is usually alway present with sex. it is a fluid secreated by two pea-sized glands at the base of your penis (between your anus and scrotum) when you are sexually aroused. many people produce it just from making our or watching porn but not ejaculating. the function of pre-ejaculatory fluid (pre-cum) is to neutralize the acidity or any urine left in your urethra which would be toxic to sperm cells and also to lubricate the tip of the penis to make penetration into the vagina easier. normally it does not contain sperm so the chances of pregnancy are low but there is still a chance since you had unprotected sex
when you ejaculate obviously fluid containing millions and millions of sperm cells is released. but since guys urethras are so long not all of the semen is released and squeezed out of the penis. when you urinate that is why guys normally shake them selves or "milk" themselves to get more urine out so it doesnt leak out later into your underwear. the same thing happens with semen there is always some left in after you ejaculate.

when you urinate afterwards the urin flushes around 99% of the semen out of your urethra and also helps destroy any remaining sperm cells because urin is toxic to sperm. also semen gets on the head of the penis and shaft after ejaculating so they need to be washed off as well before having sex unprotected. Semen can get trapped underneath the foreskin and be transfered to the female durring the next sexual encounter and could lead to pregnancy.

if you do not urinate and wash off your penis after ejaculation and before having sex the trusting motion squeezes and milks your penis pushing left over semen out of your penis and into the girls vagina. also this is how pre-cum can get contaminated with sperm cells from a previous ejaculation. as pre-cum is made and released it moves through the urethra cleaning out and picking up any left over sperm cells wich may be present.

this is why protection is so important....

does this help at all.... do you have any more questions,


Thank you so much,Biomajor' 10 for an answer!It really explained to me what precum is. :-D

Though,I was still wonderin if precum can go through thin, wet underwear? And his pants? I've looked everywhere else online,many say no...but,many say yes. So,I was wondering if it can or not?


So if he urinated and took a bath, what are the chances of there being left over sperms