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In march,I had sex with my fiance 3 times,first time with a condom,second time march 17th no protection,and then march 23rd,no protection. He used the pull out method and assured me over and over I wouldn't get pregnant and he didn't ejaculate in me all 3 times but I'm worried maybe there was precum.I am 20 ,my partner is 49 and he says he can't even get me pregnant because he's so much older and even his precum wouldn't have many swimmers.please help,this past week,I've been very moody,back pains,sore breasts and feeling very anxious and scared.I can't test til next week so I'm so pregnancy a possibility?also,I don't expect my period until april 8th or so.


Hi Katiebudos, just because your fiance is 19 years older than you are doesn't mean his sperm don't swim - they do and they can get you pregnant.  Precum does not contain much sperm at all so the chances are not good that you are pregnant.  You could have symptoms because you are nervous and sometimes our bodies (especially females) like to mimic what you are in a panic about.  Take your test next week and if still no period call your doctor and talk to them.  Hope this helps and good luck!