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since i quit smoking 8 months ago by eyes itch and burn. i no longer wear any eye makeup and very little make of any kind. my eyes still burn and itch. why is this happening??? i can definitely track it to when i quit smoking.


Hello there

First of all congratulations because you have succeeded in quit smoking. I have quit two years ago myself so I know how hard and painful this process is. And I believe that quit smoking has nothing to do with your burning eyes symptom.  

I think that this is some kind of allergy and since you have stopped using makeup it could be that you are aware the cause of this burning eyes condition. Since you have quitted using mascara and eye shadows which could cause burning eyes symptom and you still experience the same thing maybe it is time to visit the doctor. He will examine your eyes and hopefully diagnose with something not that serious. Maybe you just need to use natural makeup.