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Hey! This problem I have to share is really embarrassing, but it's gotten to a point where I don't know what to do anymore, because of all the irritation and stress it's causing me. So let me tell you what's happened. Around 7 months ago (July-ish) me and my girlfriend where about to go out and meet (we've been together for a long time as well) and I suggested that she should shave her below region just for the experience, and if she did than so would I. So she did and so did I, and we both said it was very itchy, but her itching stopped around 1-2 weeks and mine hasn't stopped since. To go more into detail, I've had to constantly shave the hairs to even make my day half-bearable and make it easier to go on. I've been to the doctors around 5-7 times now and seen a dermatologist once. The doctor gave me different creams to try but non worked and the dermatlogist also given me a cream and said the issue will be gone within a month, max. But I know it won't since it's been 7 months of non stop itching down there. I've been trying to explain that the hairs don't grow straight, and they all grow in different ways and some lie across the skin and some curl backwards and itch the skin that way. So you can imagine how it would itch when the clothing touches and they get pressed against the skin. The ends of the hairs are quite point and if they touch my leg(from the testicle) it would prick it slightly, but the doctors don't seem to understand this once bit. 

I'm sorry for this being a little too wordy, and boring but I'm really stuck on what to do and I just want it to go, but I'm only 17 + I have no real experience, but if the itches continues on for weeks, there's something clearly wrong + if the hairs grow in different ways.Please someone help, I really don't know what to do.:(


Hey Ive had the same problem been to lots of doc's n dermatologist. They say there nothing wrong. The hairs are growing sideways under my skin then it looks like some are coming out normal. But some are not coming out at all. Its prickles more when u walk. And everything I seem 2wear down there just irritates my skin.. its been a year since u posted this and just thought if youes has gone.. and if so wat did u uses