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Hello, I am 15 years old.
I've searched and searched for this problem. I have NEVER had any problems besides one, pretty much my whole life.
My foreskin has fused. There is a TINY overhang (like normal) but when i peel it back, it just covers my head, kind of like a condom.
There is a small hole (not my urethra) this is where my foreskin has FUSED. Any suggestions? Its not going to peel back so don't recommend that :-P It's weird because I've never had any infection problems or any bad smells..It's almost like its normal..Please tell me your advice on how i should "tear" (im not going to but just what is recommended) the tissue.
Let me explain farther in case there is any confusion.
Penis: ==== (fine)
head: 0>
Foreskin doesnt do this and is GROWN together head: 0)
This is what it looks like, to my best text skills..lawl
===( - )
let me clarify the foreskin goes back, just it COVERS my head . What should i do :-P Im just curious, because my girlfriend was like WTF lol..
embarrassing :-P


it is not unusually

when born, the foreskin is attached to the head and overtime it gets looser

for some guys, the skin is very loose and for others it is tight
You must train the skin to retract...foreskin should be able to pull back off the whole head and some

pull it back as far as you can then go a bit farther and hold it for a bit

if this is hard, soak your penis in warm water and you will find you can roll it back farther

do this daily and you will see change

foreskin is like any other skin, it can stretch

because you are not circumsized your head will always be sensative but theres nothing to worry wont effect sex or anything like that


i have exactly the same problem but im 16 and its really stressing me out. My foreskin will not come off the bell. I masturbate regularly and have been for like 4 years, so WTF. I literally cannot pull in back, and now im starting to STRESS! i dont wanna talk to my parents about it and its really making me annoyed. I repeat, THE FORESKIN WILL NOT COME OFF THE HEAD, i have tried streching over and over and it will not budge until it becomes painful and it is still not going even 1mm over the bell.

PS. when i piss, the foreskin fills like a waterballoon and then it comes out of the whole in the top of the foreskin, which is weird cause i know that the foreskin is supposed to retract. Oh and when i get a boner the skin just strechs to fit.

PLEASE HELP ME, by telling me any thing about the condition, its name, what i should do about it, watever!
thanks in advance.


exactly the same thing is happening to me but im 16. my foreskin will not AT ALL go back, even 1mm over the head. it dosnt hurt when i get an erection the skin just streches. PLEASE HELP, my lady friend says that it weird. im getting freaked out because im getting older.

i also masturbate daily and have been for 4 years, and have tried streching but it dosnt work. like i have tried it alot and its not that.

My foreskin is literally fused to my bell.

also when i pee, the foreskin fills up like a water bomb, and the foreskin dosnt retract like i know its supposed to.

I really dont wanna talk to my parentals. Does anyone know whats wrong with me, or what i should do?

THanks in advance.


i have had the same problem, when i used to try and peel my foreskin i found that it had fused with my head, i started to get worried because of sex ed i knew the penis wasn't meant to look like this so i looked for an have to peel your foreskin back and then if there is a part of the foreskin that hasn't fused you have to pull it from the head it WILL sting and it WILL burn but it is for the best, just keep repeating this progress regularly and just pull it off bit by bit, you will soon notice the change

YOU WILL BLEED but don't think anything has gone wrong the bleeding will stop after a few seconds
i hope this was helpful


it is called the MUCUS MEMBRANE - when kids are cut as babies, the doctors stick a sharp instrument in there to break all the adhesions. as growing boys with foreskin, you will only break it by moving your own foreskin as you become closer to an age of sexual activity. it might feel tight and it might rip, but it shouldnt bleed.

the frenulum, on the underside of the penis, is a sensitive strip that will only break if you are too rough with it, and then that will bleed, it is not meant to separate. if it does, it will heal fine, just be careful with it for a day or so after.


I have the same problem but im 15, i have started my sex life and it hurts a bit when i insert it into my girlfriend, i want to just rip my penis off sometimes but i guess that is not a suitable awnser for this type of question.. i might try what someone said earlier in the post about pulling it back more and more and hope for the best.. :-) Thaks a lot because if this works then i will be a very happy man.. :-):-)


My foreskin is attached all the way around my bellend, also when I pull the foreskin back it folds over it self, it looks like the foreskin and my actual penis is together like one! it's also attached by the femulum( excuse for the spellings) I can masturbate fine, I'm just really worried it will affect anything when I have sex, I'm 15 by the way