I just needed to let the community know that scabies diagnosis is on the rise. My family and I have just finished getting rid of the awful severe itching that comes with having scabies.

It is not fun to have scabies. The symptoms of scabies is subtle at first. If you have never been exposed to it before, symptoms may not be noticed until 2 weeks later from the time of exposure and infestation.

There is definitely a natural remedy for getting rid of scabies and companies our there with products that actually work.

After many attempts to get the right diagnosis for the problem by doctors it was an allergist who saw that it was scabies.

We did the prescibed, harsh, chemical loaded doctor recommended product and to our dismay, the product did not work.

Please visit my site to read up on the extensive natural and safe process of finally getting rid of the scabies infestation for you and your family.

The products we used included, enzymes, essential oils, and carrier oils.