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OK, ladies! Who else is off on vacation soon? I am and I can't wait! I'm going someplace pretty exciting that I have been wanting to visit for ages and really plan on drinking in the scenes... and worrying about all else as little as I can.

But of course, I do have to bring some skincare products. I'd like to find a happy balance between traveling light and still being able to feel and look good. We're planning on taking pictures of course and I do feel bad when I look terrible.

If you have any vacation skincare tips to share, whether for cold or hot climates, humid or dry, long distance travel or a place closer to home... come on in!


I did see some makeup cases at Sephora. Like those spray bottles. I also saw containers with keys to keep your makeup safe. There are also some makeup bags. So you can put all you makeup, moisturizers and other skincare stuff. There are also jars that you can put your cremes in. I like those.

When you go swimming make sure you wear waterproof makeup. Otherwise your makeup won't look nice. I saw some waterproof makeup at Sephora too. To get rid of the makeup just use some kind of makeup remover wipes. I saw those at NYX.

I hope this helps you! Have a nice vacation!


I am actually just about to board a plane! It's not a vacation exactly, as I am "just" going to see some friends in another country, and it will be an urban trip which I greatly prefer to lazing on the beach in the sun (which obviously is bad for your skin as well) anyway. I'm usually low maintenance but I'm not bringing anything this time. Just a toothbrush. If need be I'll brush my teeth with salt but haha I'm counting on my friends giving me permission to use their stuff because my suitcase is chock full of prezzies for them. I'll get some skin stuff from the local healthfood store if I don't like what my friends have.


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Mmmm... interesting question! Before going on vacation, I like to get the essentials taken care of so that I can mostly relax. You know what I mean! I get a pedicure, a manicure, get my eyebrows tinted, and make sure I arrived exfoliated and with a fresh hair cut.

I mostly go for the natural look so I focus on bringing in the essentials. For me, that is definitely a zinc oxide sunscreen and some nice oil for my face, whether jojoba oil or coconut oil, which by the way also has a natural SPF. The one other thing that really matters to me is a good lip balm, because my lips, like the rest of my skin, are chronically dry.

Other than that, the less I have on me the better. Olive oil can be used as a body lotion. Interesting Pickle, that you mention salt as toothpaste. I have never tried that but it makes sense. I will look into that.

Anyway, do make sure you take your favorite hair products and if you like, a BB cream and some cream blush or something. Less makeup = less hassle on vacation! Enjoy that freedom while you can!




Thanks for the replies so far!

It won't be long until I leave now and yes, Kitty Master, I did swing by Sephora and got little travel packages to which I transferred my regular skincare products. This is brilliant because I can take all the products I love and need for my skin to feel good and for me to feel good about myself, and still not have to pay excess luggage if you get my drift!

I'm hoping my rosacea doesn't flair up on vacation. I really, really do. I'm excited about going away but also worried about how my skin will react to the extra sunshine.



Tips for skincare on vacation:

1. If you are using retin-a or retinol, stop that before your vacation because retinoids of course increase your sensitivity to the sun.
2. Be selective about what you bring. You need cleanser and moisturizer, sunscreen and some makeup if you want. You do not need to bring your complete skincare arsenal.
3. Do not forget to apply sunscreen on your face.
4. Not skin technically, but make your hair wet with normal water before you jump into a chlorinated swimming pool to prevent dry hair.
5. Keep hydrated, this is more important that you realize, the importance really can't be overstated.