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I hope someone can help as it is really starting to depress me but basiaclly my problem is that I weigh an overall amount of 10 Stone 4 Lbs and i am 5 ft 7 In at 17 years old.
I used to be quite chubby however i have started training regularly (since 2005) and have decreased my weight by roughly 2 St.
My problem now is my stomach, no matter what exercise i do or how hard i train my flabby stomach will not budge. Also it seems to have grown since christmas which has not helped.
But also because of this it has lowered my self-esteem and i am having relationship troubles because of it, (not the other half's fault though)
So can please someone offer any training adive or any drug, detox or anything that may work. All will be greatly achknowledged.
Thanks, Jonny


Jonny, There is no way for you to isolate the fat in your belly. thats why you haven't lost it yet. You have to eat right and CARDIO. what your doing if anything is developing muscle under fat. You can not turn fat into muscle you can only replace it. So here you go. You need to cut out all bad fats in your diet. No more fried foods, SODAS, cakes, potato chips, sugars ect. Eat salads, vegies, fruits, whole grains, low fat yogurts, fish, chicken (not fried), Tuna ect. And WATER. Then sweat and sweat CARDIO work outs. Then work on isolating your ab muscles. There is no pill or easy way out for this. Check this web site out.
if you need any exercise plans let me know.

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