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I had an dental implant as well as bone graft done 3 days ago. In order to let bone merge with the artificial augment that is about to become my own "bone" so the implant can hold on to something, I was advised not to smoke CIGARETTES because of the negative effects of NICOTINE on oxygen delivery through blood. This could slow down the merge of the substances that would develop a bone. But is it the same with marijuana? As far as I can tell there's no nicotine in weed so technically there's no reason for weed to stunt bone growth, or is it? Please help because I struggle with that, I'd like to smoke, but not like a MASSIVE amount of weed, just a hit or two, but will it affect my recovery or damage the dental implant itself?


It is not advised as the smoke is what can lead to infection. Marijuana smoke vs. ciggerrette smoke, I would venture to say marijuana smoke is not as bad. That being said, it's a matter of your probabilities.