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im 22 and im a female and im having weird stuff happen to me. So this happened about a wk ago, I went to do my bussiness in the restroom like usual but this time I found blood in my stool(no pain). I thought I was on my period But when I wiped I did not see blood. The next day when I went to the restroom again I did not see any blood in my stool which wqs a relief. So lately ive been havinng discomfort in my abdominal region. Ive been getting these minor pains on my left and right abdomin and before that I was having lower back pain. Last night I was getting these warm feeling from within my abdomin. Im not too sure if it was in my intestines or in my stomache. It felt warm and it would go away and come back. But just this morning I found some blood in my stool again. Not a lot but maybe dots but then there was this weird piece that I just had to look at closer so I tool a piece of toilet paper and scooped it up. It looked chunky and gooey and Iit was covered in blood. This freaked me out really bad. I dont know what is wrong. Please tell me I dont have colon cancer or polyp growing in me. This is stressing me out please help!!


I'm not a doctor, but I think you should schedule an appointment with your dr. He/she would have a better idea of what's going on and would know how to treat it. Because this isn't a normal occurrence. 

Good luck.