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I have noticed that when I use certain shampoos, I get sores in my ears.  When I stop using the shampoo, the sores go away.  I don't have trouble with the salon shampoos  but they can be expensive.  Does anyone know what ingredient I should look for that may me causing it? Sometimes I want to try something new, but then have to throw the whole bottle away because I get the sores.


It could possibly be a reaction to the sulfates in the shampoo, It is the most common shampoo ingredient to cause skin reactions. Shampoos without sulfate in them tend to be more gentle and are healthier to use on your hair. There are other ingredients that can cause skin reactions such as added Fragrance,  methylisothiazolinone (MIT), and Zinc. It is possible to have reactions to most ingredients. Some of the sulfate free shampoos I use are Loreal Sulfate free shampoo, Organix, and aveeno active naturals. If you are worried about having to waste shampoo if it still causes a reaction try finding free samples to try out  if they are ok or not.