Suboxone should be used as a tool to help you ease away from opiates without having to change your lifestyle or miss out on work or school. If used correctly, a person can safely make the transition from using drugs(heroes, oxys, tabs, Lean, ect.) to living a healthy Normal life without the mental or physical urge to continue using. Some people make the mistake of trying pills or heroin after starting suboxone and assume it doesn't work. A lie. Only a fool would think so. Reevaluate your lifelong goals and objectives, remember a time before drugs and such, now look forward and visualize a new a nd more educated YOU in the future without the habitual use of pills or dope. It will not be easy, but far away from hard, the withdrawal symptoms are minute and some users never experienced any. Me personally tried to detox for 3 days using Benadryl and Atavan as a way to sleep easier and not endure the chills and sweaty clammy fealings.A also experienced anxiety to the worst power, and I'm never over anxious or quick tempered. I am looking to get more young people involved in drug addiction counseling and guidance or rehabilitation outpatient program. I've experienced this problem twice and by time two, I was glad to try suboxone that Monday morning. My doctor didn't even require to detox in a facility because he could obsermy withdrawal symptoms at its worst. He counseled me well and even allowed me to take my initial dose under tongue in his office. He then talked to me about what to expect and what not to expect. He also told me to keep my tongue pressed down and don't bother talking or responding to questions as most were not retoriccle. In conclusion, share, read, reply, and let's all work together to make sure our future is bright and comfy. The lack of stress of where to get your next high or how much can you afford and who u owe money too is a high of its own. Clarity, pride, and soon ambition and determination will be the euphoric feelings drugs once gave you. If you have kids, it will feel so good to be able to wake early and help prepare them for school and play with them, help with hw, and participate in their lives more without feeling sluggish or nappy headed, or sometimes being too dang on high to function around them. I've seen great parents with smart and beautiful kids get hooked on the drugs and before you know it there are a lot of unhappy kids and stressed parents yelling at a happy child, not giving a child enough attention will lead to child growing up following your footsteps being mean or being fearful through life and school which leads to a person looking for a release which can erratic behavior, sex, alcohol, weed and spices, coke, foods, pills and any other drugs or negative things that child or teen find out here in this world. May I add, using suboxone could be a cheat for some amiricle for most and least another way of getting a high to get through the day. If used properly, you won't be hooked and when you take your final dose you most likely will not even need it. I'm being honest as I possibly can because I know there are skeptics and critics out here that say bad things about Suboxone but screw them, this is for you or your spouse, child, parent, Roomate, family member or friend who needs the help kicking opiates without a 28-180 day cold turkey facility. I actually endorse this message. Who am i? I'm not important, just know I am a recovers addict and loving father to my children who have seen the sun in the darkest storm, who have experienced more than the average person has, and has the credibility in the streets, in the church, in the healthcare industry, and in the Legal and regulatory compliance field. I'm not some guy stating an opinion on a blog, I'm here to spread the word of spiritual reconciliation and forgiveness of self and others who may have pushed you to the point where you went downhill, it's a better way than being a professional drug buyer and seller or lab-rat to these dope pushers who care less about your well being. Just remember, you won't be the first person to get clean, nor will the experience be embarrassing. It depends on you and how mentally and spiritually ready u are to get better. The program is very discreet and you only meet 1 to 2 times a month. If money is a issue, they have solutions everywhere and if you can't find out, I'll gladly help u out, paying visit fee or prescription, just reach out and I'll do the best I can. "Love the World as Our Father Instructed us To"