26 here, using increasingly from age 18 on...

I want to mention the words "hormonal imbalance", because that is the cause of these particular symptoms (hot flashes, tearing up).. ask women :-) us guys think it's a physical addiction symptom.. but really, pot affects our hormone levels. You can rebalance this.

Also, I had been using a vaporizer almost exclusively for the last part of my pot head days (i say with hope!), and even without the combustion and difficulty breathing you still get anxiety when you smoke weed to deal with things that YOU need to deal with.

Thanks again to this forum! I am starting university tomorrow at the age of 26 (you can get MAD financial aid at 25!!! check it out!!!) and I have been trying to quit... I did the "this is my last ever smoke" so many times, one day... it just happened. It can happen for you.

The worst part after quitting, even with using a vaporizer and not experiencing any smoke (which helped clear my lungs and got me started exercising), I still had no appetite, I felt sick after eating, I always had to URGENTLY have access to a restroom for my 'loose bowels'... but even that is going away after just one week (after 8 years of daily, heavy use).

Exercise is the key, and if your lung capacity is down and you cant start exercising... (i cant believe im really recommending this but it worked for me) .. GET A VAPORIZER.

If you have an excuse not to exercise from lack of proper breathing... this WILL help your lungs clear out, because the pureness of the steam combined with the expectorant property of THC will fix that (dont smoke ANYTHING). I used a volcano, best 500 bucks I spent (and you KNOW you spend more then 500 on weed.. so invest once, and start the road to change... you'll feel great being able to give your vaporizer to a friend who cant afford it, and you'll be helping their health too). The vape will save on product and pays for itself. Using the volcano just eliminates 100% of the bad products of combustion. If you have a problem with getting high, this is the ONLY medical grade device that you can control your dose on, regardless of your weed potency. Advertisement over :-P sorry that's just the truth ya'll.

The vaporizer is a tool... I used it to some avail, but mostly you just reach the breaking point (sometimes literally, try not to smash anything expensive)... and then the reason to not use becomes greater then using.

I cried, I shivered, I yelled, I broked things, I crashed my car driving like an as****e, I took it out on everyone... but with help from the internet, my friends (even the ones whom I left behind in a cloud of steam).. and I like to think a little from myself... I'm going to be "ok".

Try not to worry about participating in society, either... nothing people do is normal -- if you don't like how you feel then figure out why -- but dont smoke so you dont have to think about it... thats not a solution, it's a temporary fix and a waste of your valuable time.

Get on the path to exercise. That is a simple goal, and once you begin achieving things, you will feel like doing more. That's all there is to it. You will feel better, look better, and generally just literally improve yourself. Tangible results are VERY encouraging, and the intangibles will follow.

Talk about your feelings, too, and read others experiences like you're doing now and as I have done. Bless this internet.