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petite advantage diet for a petite woman – who can tell me more about this? Is this diet just for petite woman or every woman can try it? There are some rules that are really easy to follow, even for me, but I am not sure can I start with this program because I am very tall.

This Karas guy seems to be a great expert. You need to follow the seven rules for this diet, and you will see the results.

If you have anything to share with me, please feel free to do it.

I am open minded for every suggestion and critic.

Good night!



I am a petite woman (5'2''). After having a baby, I wanted to lose a lot of weight. This petite advantage diet was the best solution for me. I have his book. But I was not so happy with this diet, because it did not help me. At all!  He wrote some really nice tips in his books, but I found it useless.

I know the fact that he has helped a lot of girls, but I am not one of them. I was trying so hard, but without any success.  

If you are very tall than skip this diet.



Oh my darling,

I am so sorry to hear this :(. It was probably very hard doing something, but without any result. It is horrible when someone just can't lose weight, no matter how hard you are trying. I know that, because I have been in the same situation a lot of times :/.

OK... As I wrote before, I am tall. I am taller than you :)). That is now a problem. I should just stop thinking about this diet. I have his books, and they are great, that is just one of the reasons because I have asked you to tell me can I follow the petite advantage diet.

Guess not :)